Monday, August 21, 2006

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How cheesey does it get when a "Desperate Housewife" has to create a documentary explaining the plight of unfortunate Mexican immigrants? When is enough.... enough? The Starplus News Blog reports: Eva Longoria Shocked by Plight of Immigrant Workers:

Eva Longoria hopes her new documentary highlights the plight of Latin American immigrants trying to survive in the United States, after spending a day working alongside them. While researching the new film with labor activist Dolores Huertas, Longoria agreed to go undercover to see just what life is like for struggling immigrants - and she was shocked by what she uncovered.

The star, whose family hails from Mexico, tells Maxim magazine, "We're documenting a day in the life of an immigrant worker, just to show how hard these people work - how they slave away just for us to have a salad at the Chateau Marmont (top Los Angeles hotel). "I spent a day out in the field, and it's horrendous. It's an exploitation of people who leave everything behind: their country, their family, their lives, their language, their religion. They leave it all behind to come here and make $5 a day. My hope is that the documentary will educate people about what's going on."

What was Dolores Huertas thinking??? Good grief, we can only hope that little Eva finally gets educated. Eva, Eva, Eva, you were born and raised in Texas..... you're 31 yrs old.... you're a grad from Texas A&M.... what world have you been living in? It's time for you to get out of "hair and make-up". Mexican immigrants need a spokesperson with a little more "street cred".


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