Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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456,789 Acts of Contrition, 127,905 Hail Marys... and no television for a month

January 26, 2005 SANTA CATARINA JUQUILA, Oaxaca (El Universal (English Edition) ) Four robbers stole offerings of money and jewels from one of the state's most important Catholic shrines and left a 67-year-old priest tied to a tree overnight, church officials said Tuesday. The robbers entered the church of the Purisima Concepcion Sunday afternoon, surprised the Rev. Bonanciano Alberto Pacheco and stole jewels and cash stored in the church safe, said local vicar Fidel Vásquez Ortiz... Pacheco was discovered at about 9 a.m. Monday in a field several kilometers away in San Pedro Juchatengo. He had been blindfolded, gagged and tied hand and foot and was bound to a tree over an ant hill. The priest, who is diabetic, was being treated at a church hospital in the state capital, Oaxaca city, on Tuesday.


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