Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Anything can happen...

I want whatever it is Roberto Madrazo is having... Despite his consistent third place showing in the polls, defections by key party members openly urging party members to vote for PAN or PRD and a promised party purge after the July 2 election, Madrazo remains optimistic. Madrazo is a funny kind of Mexican politician -- he's a Tabasco puritan, who neither smokes nor drinks, who watches his diet, and who runs marathons. But he's gotta be on something. He's quoted in today's (29 May) El Financiero as believing the "loyal PRI voters" will come through on election day, and he'll be the next president of Mexico. Yeah... and Dominica is going to win the World Cup. Both Reuters and Bloomberg are reporting the latest Milenio Poll, with AMLO now leading Calderón, 33.6% to 33.1%. This is within the 3.2% margin of error, but so... and this is where it gets really, really weird, is Madrazo (30%). I think the shift to AMLO has a lot to do with immigration (or emigration, for those in Mexico) and Calderón's lame excuses for the FOBAPROA mess... as with any advertising campaign. Both U.S. and Mexican papers are crediting AMLO's successful suit to stop "negative advertising" from Calderón's spin machine for the turnaround. Or... maybe Calderón's people are just getting desperate. AReuters Financial reporters seem to accept the possibility that AMLO may be the next president. Much as the incumbent president for the longest time was "Vincente Fox, whose 2000 election marked the end of 71 years of one-party rule", AMLO was always a FIREY LEFTIST. Now he's just a leftist. I think he's saving the fire for the debates.


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