Sunday, May 21, 2006

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A better border solution...

Porfirio Diaz said of the border -- "between Mexico and the gringos, the desert". In his day, it was border crossings from the north that were the problem. Until the late 20th century, there wasn't much of a "broken border" problem. The real problem (and the reason for groups like "the Minutemen") is just that there are a lot more folks -- Anglos or Mexicans in the area until recently. Between the maquilladoras on the Mexican side, and all those ex-Minnesotan, Iowan, Nebraskan etcs. on the other, there's cultural conflicts that rile up people (like the Minutemen) who should know better. We can't go back to Don Porfirio's days... but maybe there's no need to build a wall, bring in the National Guard, ramp up the border patrol, lay in land mines or launch blimps... wouldn't it be cheaper, more cost effective and ecologically more sound to just give the border back to the Apaches?..


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