Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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¡Bush -- el Uniter no divisor!

As I've said many times (many ways), the answer to Steve Coble's question (on Huffingtonpost.com) Did W Just Push Mexico Left? is a loud ¡SI!

So who is most likely to benefit when current President Vicente Fox's good buddy George W. Bush puts troops along the border? Which Mexican party is best positioned to jiu-jitsu Bush's transparent pander to the anti-Latino wing of the GOP, by turning W's new policy into an insult to the Mexican people?


We shall see, but I think W may just have accidentally tossed AMLO a life preserver. George W. claimed he was a uniter, not a divider, which has proven ironically accurate as country after country in South America has united to choose left-leaning parties. Will W help unite Mexicans against U.S. troops on the border? Does that open the door for AMLO?

And a rather tepid response from the Fox administration (note the timeline) (my translation from Notimex wirestory in El Universal)
23:10 Even before president George W. Bush announced plans to send the National Guard to the border, the consulates of Mexico in the United States said they would redouble their efforts to protect and to guarantee respect for the rights of Mexican nationals. When fixing its position before the Bush's announcement, the Mexican government, through the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE, for its initials in Spanish), stated that "we will not scrimt on resources" when it comes guaranteeing the respect for the rights of Mexican nationals. The undersecretary for North American Affairs, Gerónimo Gutiérrez, made public an official notice stating that the Mexican actions will be independent of any actions arising "from the capacity with which to the National Guard or the local authorities" of the United States participate. ... Although Mexico has received securities that the measures do not imply the militarization of the border, Gutiérrez added, "we must state our concern that these actions not yet are accompanied by sufficient advances in the legislative process". The undersecretary for North America left in clear that better and more secure legal migration is the only way to guarantee the security of the common border and to fight organized crime, drug trafficing and to deal with common security threats.


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