Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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How you gonna keep em down on the farm ...

... unless they can make a living? From Cattle Network:
Addressing a group of farmers and agricultural associations, Mexican President Vicente Fox promised to elevate the National Agreement on Agriculture to a decree, which would make the objectives set by the agreement obligatory for government officials to enforce. Fox announced that there is a serious effort to negotiate with the United States and Canada to exclude corn and beans from complete liberalization in 2008. According to President Fox, the Ministries of Agriculture (SAGARPA) and Economy (SE) will negotiate Mexico’s interests in this matter. In a related action, Rep. Rafael Galindo stated that the GOM sent a formal request to the USTR to exclude corn and beans from NAFTA in 2008. A number of Mexican agricultural associations also demanded that SE carry out detailed investigations on the impact of NAFTA on sensitive products.
Wanna bet we start hearing screams from Archer-Daniels-Midland ("controlling the food of the world") about how Mexico is "refusing to play by the rules"? The anti-immigration folks in the U.S. have a simple choice -- let Mexican family farms compete against corporate (and tax subsidized) U.S. agribusiness, or hire Mexican farmers to work as peons.


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