Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Illegal space alien gay mariachis...

...oh my! In North Carolina's 13th Congressional District, Republican candidate Vernon Robinson is running against the Democratic incumbent, Brad Miller. Robinson is African-American, which cuts down on the possibilities for run-of-the-mill "race-baiting" when the going gets tough. Robinson call call Miller a "childless, middle-aged personal injury lawyer" (Mrs. Miller had a hysterectomy for medical reasons when she was still young) which at least lets Robinson run on an anti-gay platform...all very normal in the dirty world of U.S. politics. But... this being "open season" on immigration, it gets very, very weird there in Charlotte. Pam's Blend dissects one of Robinson's more "intriguing" TV commercials:
The Twilight Zone-theme and music are quite appropriate in this case. This is one of the most offensive -- and amusing -- pieces of political theatre I have ever seen, with a picture of a fetus, then invoking the Homo AlertTM with an image of men kissing. He moves on to "aliens," showing spaceships, then cutting to a pic of Mexicans scaling fences. (my emphasis)

Even better, Robinson is running a radio ad that attacks both gays and "illegal aliens" (and gay aliens) featuring mariachi music. You can listen to it MPeg audio here:

"If Miller had his way America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals," the ad continues. "But if you elect Vernon Robinson, that party's over."



Anonymous Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez said...

this pendejo seems to have no scruples whatsoever. what a disgusting man.

9/05/2006 03:24:00 AM  

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