Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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On the road again, can't wait to get back on the road again...

President Vicente Fox will be taking his five-year battle for immigration reform to the front lines in the western United States. But analysts say Fox´s trip this week to California, Utah and Washington states may do more harm than good.
(May 23, 2006 Mexico Herald) More harm than good for immigration? For the U.S. Senate? For Felipe Calderón? For AMLO? Or for himself? The usual suspects (see post below this one) are going to blather on about the same old shit no matter what Fox does or doesn't do. The U.S. Senate is worried about their own re-election. Calderón and AMLO -- hmmm... with AMLO's charges that Don Chente is mucking about in the campaign starting to stick (and the surprise announcement that PRI was willing to cooperate with PRD against PAN), maybe it looks better if the Pres. stays out of the campaign (and out of the country) for a few days. OR... given the U.S. is going to piss off the Mexican electorate in a big way later this week anyway, it's Fox's best chance to make the PANistas look tough -- fighting til the last (sort of like Jim Bowie at ... oh, never mind!) until overwhelmed by Santa Ana (well, he was a dumb President, who prefered to hang at his ranch while the smart vice president ran things behind the scenes... and to irretreivably damage his country... but who could I be thinking of?) . ... and d'you know that that thought just crossed my mind?


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