Sunday, May 21, 2006

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Thou shalt get thy act together... Cardinal rejects wall

Ruth Rodríguez, El Universal 21 May 2006 (my translation): The Primate of the Archdioces of Mexico considers a stronger willingness on the part of the United States as well and energy and vision from the Mexico government both lacking in the attempt to resolve the migratory problem. As was printed this week in the Church's official publication, "Desde la Fe", Cardinal Norberto Ribera stated that the Catholic Church rejects the contention that building a wall will prevent illegal border crossings. Interviewed on the matter, the Cardinal said that the migration is a complex subject and that he is not confident of any resolutin, "because history has shown that the governments of the United States never have acted propiciously towards Mexico". If they first bring in the National Guard and then raise a barrier, a wall, we hardly think they are developing an integral and complete immigration program. " The Cardinal added that "it is difficult for us to believe their words, when there is no evidence. Asked if there were any hopes for the (Mexican) administration to negotiate a good migratory agreement, the Cardinal said "We hope that the government of the United States works not only with the Mexican government and industrialists, but with all of us. We must work together on this task, which is all of our's problem." "Migrants don't leave for no reason. Most of the time, it is out of necessity."


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