Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Trashy fashions...

I suppose there's something either to be said about "one man's trash ..." or something profound about the decadent western society's need to exploit EVERYTHING from Mexican ... but what the hey. Here's your chance to own genuine Mexican trash. Mexico's trash becomes boutiques' treasure - and Indians' livelihood By LISA J. ADAMS The Associated Press LA SOLEDAD, Mexico -- Empty candy wrappers, potato-chip bags and cookie packages that once littered roads and filled Mexican dumps are now making fashion statements in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Indian men and women from the central state of Mexico have converted the food labels into colorful women's clutches, shoulder bags and hip belts that are selling on Web sites and in upscale U.S. boutiques and department stores for up to $200 apiece. The idea began here with the nonprofit Group for the Promotion of Education and Sustainable Development, or Grupedsac, an organization that since 1987 has helped poor Mexican Indians become self-sufficient through development projects that also aim to preserve the environment. ... a daughter of Grupedsac's executive director ... showed a few purses to friends in Palm Beach, Fla., where they quickly caught the attention of retired British textile manufacturer Stanley Cohen and his wife, Elaine. The couple were so attracted by the bags' designs and socially conscious origins they began buying them in bulk last year. The organization currently provides the Cohens with up to 150 bags, plus dozens of belts, a week. The Cohens resell them to Bloomingdale's branches and small boutiques throughout Florida, as well at www.Sweetiepurse.com.


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