Friday, May 19, 2006

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Where's Waldo? Where's Biblioteca José Vasconcelos?

For that matter, try finding almost anything named for some important Mexican. When I lived in Cuernavaca, I once spent 40 minutes in a cab looking for something on "Zapata" -- which of the 30 or so "calle Zapata", "calle Emiliano Zapata", "calle Gnrl. Emiliano Zapata", "avenuda Gnrl. Zapata", etc. was something no one thought to tell me. The new National Library, "Biblioteca Vasconcelos", is opening to the public on June first. Is it the "Biblioteca Vasconcelos", the "Biblioteca Pública de México Vasconcelos" or the "Nueva Biblioteca Pública Central Vasconcelos"? And how is it to be distinguished from the "Biblioteca México" (the old Ciudadela), officially... what else..."Biblioteca Vasconcelos"? Well, they say Mexicans don't read enough. At least this way they'll get to SOME library, even if it's not the one they had in mind.


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