Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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Writing on drugs... on drugs, apparently...

From the usually half-way sane

...First of all, who knew Mexico had a congress? I always thought that by constitutional mandate the country was run by the richest guy with a mustache....

So what does this have to do with the immigration debate, you may ask? Well, if all that good-time space candy becomes legal south of the border, then at least a few hundred of those Mexicans who are so miserable living there on sub Wal-Mart wages will at least be able to get stoned every day, leaving them slightly less bummed-out about their plight. Meanwhile, unimaginable numbers of American college students will immediately head south in search of a hassle-free good time. The whole country will look like Tijuana on the first Friday of spring break -- every night of the year! All those Americans streaming into Mexico will more than offset the tidal wave of illegal immigrants heading north.

According to his biography,

Hayes Jackson lives in Los Angeles. He writes for film and television, mostly because he's not qualified to do anything else.

I can't find an email suitable for sending photos of non-mustachioed Mexican presidents, and the 500 Mexican congressional representatives and 128 (or is it 96 -- I always forget) Senators, but you can always send your comments to


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