Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Another brick in the wall... hey! teacher!

From the cranky (old "isolationists" who never accepted the 1930s "New Deal" -- though supported by Greens, Libertarians, Religious Pacifists and others) comes this interesting "compare and contrast" on militarizing the border...
The neoconservatives have issued their own statement on immigration, supporting pending Congressional legislation for militarization of the borders using federal troops for “border enforcement, and interior enforcement (employer sanctions).” The letter is signed by 39 “prominent conservatives and civic leaders,” such as the unapologetically pro-war William Bennett, Frank Gaffney, Newt Gingrich, David Horowitz, Michael Ledeen, Victor Davis Hansen, and Daniel Pipes... What makes this letter ... noteworthy is its “coincidental” appearance just hours before the public release of the Independent Institute’s Open Letter on Immigration, which has been signed by 500+ economists and other scholars, including five Nobel Prize-winners, plus 44 scholars from other countries... So, who would you trust, 500 economists, including Nobel Prize-winners, and the courageous and impeccably honorable Independent Institute, or the likes of the same people who have relentlessly championed the war in Iraq, the USA PATRIOT Act, and greatest expansion of federal power and pork spending since the New Deal?
Hudson Institute Letter (and signatories) Independent Institute's Letter (and signatories)


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