Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Dinosaurs, vampires, Nazis in the Presidential campaign

Who ever said the Mexicans weren't innovative? By Ioan Grillo Associated Press
MEXICO CITY - Mexico's presidential candidates have moved into cyberspace, where the campaigns are bombarding voters with online games, cartoons and attack e-mails ahead of the July 2 vote. With more than 20 million Mexicans now using the Web, this is the first election where the Internet could make a real difference in Mexico. Most Internet users are young, and so is the electorate: More than 40 percent of the 71 million registered voters are under age 30. Both top contenders have flashy online appeals. Felipe Calderon, the conservative candidate, is a superhero fighting dinosaurs and sharp-toothed fish in an Internet video game satirizing his rivals. ``This is the first Mexican election in which the Internet is having a real impact,'' said his spokesman, Arturo Sarukhan. ``Our war room believes it is a crucial vote-winning tool.'' The leftist camp of Andrés Manuel López Obrador hit back with its own mass e-mail campaign, which it says is homegrown. One message, titled, ``Lies,'' includes a slide show portraying his opponents as attacking vampires and Nazi propagandists. ``They show the creativity of a social movement,'' said his representative, Claudia Sheinbaum. ``People are outraged at seeing the candidate attacked so viciously and want to do something.''


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