Monday, June 12, 2006

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This is very strange... convenient leaks and leakers

After the affair of the inconvenient brother-in-law broke, Calderón DEMANDED AMLO prove his allegations that Hildebrando had benefitted from contracts during Calderón's tenure as Secretary of Energy. Ohhh... that's an open invitation, and AMLO supporters complied, showing up with boxes and boxes and boxes of documents. SO... Suddenly, the Treasury Department (Hacienda) files a complaint against Mexico City's government for leaking documents. UHHHH.... Alejandro Encinas (the acting Jefe de Gobernacion) could only say... That's weird! Back when the PANistas were trying to "prove" corruption in the PRD controlled Mexico City government, I wondered how a PAN politician ended up with tapes of a city administrator gambling in Las Vegas. That mystery was solved: the FBI was gathering casino tapes under the "Patriot Act" and, instead of looking for terrorists, was looking for Mexican politicians. What remained unclear is how exactly those tapes ended up with a particular politician and not with the public prosecutor. Somehow... this all relates to the OTHER leaking scandal -- Carlos Ahumada (who at the time had just added a new daily newspaper to his business empire) ended up in the slammer after it was revealed he'd taped various officials taking bribes that he'd paid them (the reason he was sent to jail, after his stay at a very nice beach house in Cuba owned by ex-president Carlos Salinas) has MORE tapes -- which the PRD wants to see, supposedly. Ahumada's wife claims she was the victim of a "drive-by shooting" (ok, so her windshield did have a bullet in it, but after the Gov. of Oxaxca botched a self-inflicted assassination attempt (hey, somebody actually shot me! SHIT!) last year, I've been sceptical of these kinds of stories. Be careful what you wish for -- it's bound to get complicated. Stay tuned.


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