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The unknown Mexican icon...

If you don't recognize this covergirl from Paris Magazine's July 1933 issue, you might remember her as "Vera" in the 1931 Greta Garbo - Clark Gable tearjerker, "Susan Lennox"... Still no clue? And what does she have to do with Mexico? According to Puerto Morelos author Jeanine Lee Kitchel, this Hollywood supporting actress of the 20s and 30s (and sometime French covergirl) played an important role in Mexican-American relations. A regular at Carlos Herrera's "Rancho de Gloria" cantina in Rosarita, she liked her tequilla, but hated it straight up. One day in 1935, especially for her, Carlos mixed three shots of white tequilla, two shots of triple sec, a shot of lime juice, mixed it in a blender, added ice, and poured it into a champagne glass, it's rim dipped in lemon juice and twirled it in a bowl of salt. And the rest, as they say, was history. Marjorie King (1911 -1998) ... or, as Carlos called her -- in the Mexican style -- Margarita.


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