Sunday, July 30, 2006

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Politically incorrect

Mexico On-Line is a great resource... for the less-than-budget tourist or those with a farily substantial pension who are considering retirement to Mexico. It's got its quirks. In the age of the internet, are there really adults of any age who don't know what certain common words mean. Oh, I can understand a website appealing to the tender sensitivies of timid sorts seeking a warm climate in a cheap place to live, who would be shocked if they read all the letters in f*** or sh**. I can almost understand ***, though it made responding to a message regarding gender isses problematic. (I could have lived with s*x, or even s**, but I finally had to resort to victorian euphemisms like "personal congress" and bizarre 1950s-style clinical terminology, like "same-gender interpersonal relationships" to talk about, something that an issue involving a word their software accepts -- "prostitution".) Anyway, it's not just "sex" that bothers these folks... it's "political correctness" -- GRINGO correctness. According to "Dr. Charles", Lopez Obrador is a "Communist" and some of the regulars seem convinced all hell is going to break loose if the Mexicans do something radical like follow their own laws and maybe decide they did elect Lopez Obrador. I love to read the folks who think that if the "left" takes over, they're going to be facing an angry mob of campesinos armed with machetes (probably demanding the agualdo the retirees never bothered to pay their campesino maids and gardeners, because... to hear them tell it... getting around Mexican labor law is what gringo retirees are supposed to do). Type "Socialism" -- a word that sometimes comes up when talking about a country where 4 of the 6 national parties are "Socialist" and you get "S*******m"! Fuck that shit!


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