Monday, July 31, 2006

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Un pocito español...

I was given permission by "rich", who posts regularly on the Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Mexico Message Board to reprint this true -- and perhaps cautionary -- tale.
...many years ago in Mazatlan when I was just starting to learn the language (I was)walking from the bus station to where I was staying (a couple of miles) and having not eaten on the bus trip, I decided to enter a little corner shop and buy a snack. In front of me at the cash register was an older guy speaking English with a strong Canadian accent buying a few items which he dropped on the counter and roughly ask "How much is this stuff?" The Mexican running the store shrugged his shoulders and replied No entiendo. to which the customer using gringo logic responded by speaking louder and slower "How much is it?" Again the Mexican responded No se, no entiendo. This continued a bit more an finally the Canadian grabbed a bunch of Pesos out of his pocket and slammed them down on the counter half yelling "Okay!" The Mexican looked at the money and said Okay. The guy grabbed his stuff and left. At this point I was a bit worried but with what at that time was a very rudimentary and poorly pronounced Spanish I put my stuff down and asked ¿Cuanto cuesta esto? The Mexican looked at my stuff, looked at me and in better English than I can speak responded "Don't worry about it, that guy paid for it." indicating the customer who had just left.
...and the moral of the story is...


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