Monday, July 10, 2006

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Want to live in Mexico... but don't want to teach English ?

New and Exciting career oportunities now available!

Are you tired of sharing a bathroom with Korean students and Belgian tourists, listening to neighbors playing Jose Jose while you try preparing lesson plans and wait for the latest excuse from your tutorial student on why she can't pay you this week?

WALKERS and GIGOLOS are needed now!

If have XY chromosomes, are between the ages of 40 and 60 -- and still breathing -- you deserve it to yourself to look into a new and rewarding career in beautiful San Miguel de Allende.

Thousands of American, Canadian and English "ladies of a certain age" need the special services only YOU can provide. Benefits include free room and board, cocktails every morning, afternoon and evening... and free use of your companion's cosmetics, if done discreetly. Normally, walkers are not allowed to wear her cocktail dresses... at least not on the street.

Must clean up nice, speak decent English (native speaker not necessarily required)

Contact Walker, Texas Flower Arranger, SMA, GTO.

COMING SOON... opportunities in Ajijic and (for gigolos ... the walker market being full at present) in Puerto Vallarta.

(Thanks to my astute undercover agent in SMA for turning me on to this opportunity, and to Felixissimo for the accompanying artwork)


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