Tuesday, July 04, 2006

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What's in your Croc pot?

Scott Parks, in Melaque Jalisco, who incidentally publishes one of the best MexPat websites, has found that like so many of us MexPats, the little annoyances of life don't disappear ... they just get more interesting. When I had a house in Houston, battling moles and fending off baby possums wanting to come in the house was just one of those minor incidents that come with a lawn. Possums are ugly critters, though the babies are ALMOST cute -- as are the babies in Scott's back yard. But, it'd be very hard to warm up to their 3-meter long mom sitting off in the lagoon who wasn't real happy when her little darlings were put in a bucket ... Scott has more photos, a short story and a WAV file of baby crocodile croaking.


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