Monday, August 21, 2006

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XicanoPwer, at ¡Para justicia y liberdad! (don't panic... he writes in English) has a full review of the on-going "complot" against AMLO going back several years, and bringing you up to date on the latest electorial mess. I don't necessarliy agree with all his conclusions, but this is the clearest time-line of the situation I've seen yet. Geeze, I wish Kelly Arthur Garrett would go back to writing politics. The Mexico City Herald just ain't the same. Two days now, and no real mention of the Ahumada tapes (There's better coverage in the Houston Chronicle -- ouch, that's gotta hurt down at the Herald's offices). Do they think they'll just go away? Meanwhile, in Chiapas, we have another too close to call election. Interestingly enough, when I checked the PREP results at 6 .m. last night, the Por el Bien de Todos candidate was leading by almost 2 points with close to 60 percent of the vote counted. Now, it's about 0.2 percent -- well within the margin of error. This is a very strange election all around, and no where more than Chiapas, where the PRD candidate WAS a PRI candidate, until the PRI and PAN decided to run a coalition candidate who... it seems ... also benefitted from the creeping late vote count magic that put Calderón over the top in the late vote returns in the Presidential election. If that's a coincidence, I'll sell you a time shares in Puerto Fulano and offer you a share in my Nigerian bank account.


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