Monday, August 21, 2006

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It's Pat!

Appearing on Imus In the Morning to promote his new book, State of Emergency, Pat Buchanan asserted that the Mexican government has a "direct program" to reannex "the seven states of the American Southwest." The first step is for Mexico "to push the poor, unemployed, and uneducated into the United States." I always regret that was talked out of my devious plot to bring down Pat when I met him in Iowa City during the 1994 Caucus. He was travelling by Winnebago, and I noticed the door wasn't locked. Hmmm... I mentioned this to some friends of mine, a photographer and a reporter for the Iowa City Press-Citizen, speculating how easy it would be to run over to either of the two porn palaces in town and load up on ... oh, S&M magazines (or better, "Latin Inches"... or even better... Dirty Papí... or ...) with which to bestrew said Winnebago shortly before the aforementioned legitimate press would happen upon the scene. Would I have really done it? Probably not, but geeze, just think what I could have done if I went to work for PAN in the last election. read more digg story


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