Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Non-conforma on Reforma...or, the natives are restless

(Translated from a Notimex item in Jornada) MEXICO – Tuesday morning a citizen attacked a camp set up by supporters of the “Por el Bien de Todos” (Everyone's Benefit) coalition, a few meters from the Angel of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma. According to reports filed with the General Prosecutor for the Federal District Héctor Sepúlveda de Valle, 53, appeared in Public Ministry Court #61 charged with having knocked down and snatched blankets set up by some of the campers. The event occurred late Tuesday when the detainee decided to break into the camp and dislodge protesters connected with a PRD youth group, “Flor y Canto” (Flowers and Songs). PRD members who witnessed the occurrence requested assistance from Capital police, but the suspect escaped by running into the Sheridan Maria Isabel Hotel. Police had to wait a few minutes for Sepúvida Valle to come out, at which time he was detained and taken to the Public Ministry. Represented by Froylán Yescas Zedillo, the prisoner took full responsibility for his actions, agreed to pay a 500 peso fine and agreed to repair any damages he caused in the camp.

By the way, the name for these camp-outs is planton.

THIS is anothe kind of planton

(a guardhouse)....

and this is another

(where you put down roots)


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