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TEJPF update... and plugs for two collaborators in the Latin American blogosphere

Erwin C., at The Latin Americanist, posted this earlier today:
Mexican court rejects recount request Mexico’s Federal Electoral Tribunal denied presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s demand for a vote-by-vote recount. Instead, the court ordered a partial recount of approximately 9% of the voting stations registered in last month’s presidential election.
Links to sources at Latin Americanist. The blog, produced by two NYC based scholars, is "The English-language forum for all things Latin American, covering business, politics, and culture." The "Links and Organizations" page is especially valuable. It has a free subscription list for those keeping up with news and information from throughout Latin America, or looking for something more scholarly than the little bits and pieces that catch my eye out here in the back of beyond. Ricardo's Blog, produced by Ricardo Carreon, is in Portugese and English. It focuses nmainly on Brazil and the internet, but often writes on other pertinent Latin American issues. It too will send free e-mail updates. Ricardo has links to a video of the Mexico City post-elections protests, and posted a little more on TEJPF's decision:
The Federal Electoral Court of Mexiclo is currently in session ruling on the request by the left wing Coalition "Por el Bien de Todos" for a full vote by vote recount. The session is still running, but several newspapers like Reforma and El Universal have reported that the likely outcome is for a partial recount. Both newspapers have reported that the full vote by vote recount was rejected given that the petition did not sustain the need for a full recount. Both newspapers are saying that the recount will be of 50% of the districts and 9.07% of the total ballot boxes. The court decision was reached unanimously.
Ricardo's full post here.


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