Monday, August 28, 2006

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"There's still hope" -- AMLO Developing

Headlines say the TJEPF (Federal Elections Tribunal) is going to annul 81,800 votes for Calderon and 76,897 for AMLO. There should be a court announcment within the hour. Translated on the fly from El Universal coverage:
15:40 Andrés Manuel López Obrador, "For everyone's Benefit" Coalition candidate left his campsite on the Zocalo to attend the Federal Elections Tribunal session, which is expected to rule that there were no generalized irregularities in the presidential election. According to sources close to the Tabasco politician, López Obrador stayed for the entire session, and appears serene, saying "for now, there's hope." At 19:00 (8 PM, Eastern Time), during an Informative Assembly, the candidate will announce his position, after learing the Tribunals' decision. However, since Sunday, López Obrador has said that if the Tribunal validates a rightist victory, he will call for a "National Democratic Convention" for 16 Septmeber (Mexican Independence Day) to form an "alterative cabinet."
DEVELOPING... WHO IS THIS MASKED MAN? At 15:10, Notimex reported protesters in front of the TEJPF were led by a "masked man" called "Rayito de Esperanza," a little ray of hope...


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