Saturday, September 02, 2006

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C'mon where's the noise? Quiet Riot in the Camera...

The third of so of this blog's visitors who come from The Lonely Planet's "Thorn Tree Mexico Message Board" know there's one poster I think is anti-Mexican, made his small claim to fame writing on how much he hates Oaxaca (so, naturally, writes on and on and on about Oaxaca's political situation... incoherently blaming leftists and tourists for both causing trouble, and for claiming foreigners aren't facing any particular danger) and who shows way too much interest in pedophilia and the pedophile-popular resort hotels of Acapulco, for his reactionary postings to be taken seriously. I think the guy is nuts, but he also posts sometimes useful information on bus schedules or hotel locations that give him some credibility. However, like most reactionaries, and most anti-Mexican "Mexico experts", he goes ballistic when the Mexicans don't behave the way he thinks they should. So... having claimed that "radicals" took over the Chamber and prevented the Informe, I thought I'd put up this video of a rather tame protest for a chamber that had to pass a rule two years ago forbidding livestock on the floor, after a farmer's group rode in on horseback. Legislators take the podium in Congress to prevent Vincent Fox from delivering his VI "Informe de Goberno.
If for some reason you can't see the above video, try here: Looks kinda tame to me. And, what's radical about flying the country's flag?


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