Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Is it surreal enough yet?

Ok, so Calderón won by... what, 230,000 out of 41 million votes? That's strange, that's incredible. And, if you think he might not have been legitimately elected, you're not alone. Now... for a real kicker... what if Vincente Fox is really a.... GRINGO? Chente and Martita are going to be heading back to their little ranchito in Guanjuanto soon... though some of their neighbors might not be so glad to see them. It seems one of the neighbors, researching a lawsuit, stumbled across some documents from 1940, where José Luis Fox Pont, Chente's dear old dad, swore he was a United States citizen. Everybody knows Fox's mom was a Basque, and you have to have at least ONE Mexican parent if you're going to be President, so this could be a real problem. But, wait... it's Mexico. It gets weirder. The story about the Don José Luis' deposition appeared August 30. September 1, dead old dad's birth certificate just happened to surface, showing he was born in Iraputo, but his parents "maintain their North American citizenship"... meaning? According to the powers that be... Vincente Fox is the son of a Mexican ... though, some of his neighbors think he's a hijo de... something else. Just as well. Would TEJPF have to oversee re-running the 2000 election?... or would Mexico resolve the problem the way they resolved it last time a foreigner claimed (erroneously) to run Mexiico? You know, that nice Max Habsburg... the guy that inspired Eduard Manet... The Agnonist has great fun with this.


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