Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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Protecting America

We're rough mountainous terrain down here in the Chihuahua Desert. Some people say it looks like Afghanistan. West of the Pecos, we have mountains, drugs are a big part of our rural economy, and there's some well-armed crazies back in the hills, too. But all similarities end there. Rick Perry (and even Kinky Friedman, who is a smart guy and should know better) might be saying something different, but the National Guard is NOT here to look for some enemy. There is no enemy. There is only us. The 1200 or so Texas Guardsmen, and the units from Illinois and elsewhere are nice enough guys... young kids to me. Their job is to answer the telephones and do the filing (and man some observation stations) for the Border Patrol.. They are not looking for "terrorists", we are not at war with Mexico, nor with its citizens, (even the drug dealers just get turned over to Judge Edwards and his one-room Federal Courthouse in Alpine). And they are not at war with American citizens. Take young guys, a hot night along the Rio Grande/Bravo del Norte, nothing much to do but ride around and drink beer... add in never getting any time off after returning from a war zone, and give them weapons... What do you think is going to happen?
Three Texas National guardsmen were in custody Tuesday, accused of firing guns in an Eagle Pass neighborhood, officials told News 4 WOAI. The three men were down on the U.S./Mexico border to help in the fight against illegal immigration, officials said. The guardsmen face felony charges of deadly conduct for a shooting spree last week, investigators said. The guardsmen were drinking and driving, and taking turns shooting a gun out of the window, authorities said.
People here remember the last time we had military "assistance" with border security.


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