Saturday, September 30, 2006

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Unconfirmed report on Minutemen helocoper crash...

I picked this up on "":
Texas Minutemen / Minuteman Project Operation Sovereignty border watch helicopter crashed in the early evening of the 29th while patrolling north of Laredo - south of Eagle Pass - west of Carrizo Springs. Reason for crash unknown, condition of the pilot believed to be ok... no further info available.
There's nothing on any of the wire services yet, nor on the Texas Minuteman site. If true, and nobody was seriously injured... thaen all well and good. Helocopters ain't cheap. Hopefully, they crashed on somebody's land, who isn't going to be real pleased, and will be contacting a lawyer about the nuisance. If anybody -- even if just the minutemen folks -- were injured or killed, it's going to create a real stink. Did this divert the National Guard, or the Border Patrol, or the Local Sheriff's deputies being payed under "Operation Linebacker" (the $10 million the State threw this way to pay deputy sheriffs to work overtime backing up the backups to the Border Patrol... I know a lot of Deputies. They're tired of 80 hour weeks!) from whatever it is they normally do? Are we taxpayers supposed to pay for the damages the Minutemen caused? Wanna bet we're gonna hear some nonsense about the Zetas shooting them down? Oh the humanity!!!!


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