Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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Oaxaca... from the web, not from me

Newscaster Ana Maria Salazar (writing in English) gives a recap of the Oaxaca news in Mexico Today. Diego Enrique Orsino, in the English-language Narco News, manages to quote a local Oaxacan mayor DEFENDING the killers in Oaxaca as " police acting in legitimate defense against the threat of an occupation of City Hall"... confirming my belief that vilence in Oaxaca has been orchestrated by the State, not by the APPO. Jornada reports that the Senate has unanamously voted to recommend that Ulises Ruiz "separate himself" from the State Governorship... and other words, quit before he's fired. This was the key demand of the protests all along. Strange at it may sound.. it looks like the protesters have won. Still... there are other demands to be met, and Ruiz has yet to formally step aside... Loureds Garcia Novarro reports for *English language) National Public Radio that more protests are expected today. Alfredo Narváez Lozano, in his Spanish-language blog, "citrius64", posts a letter today asking more unanswered (and perhaps unanswerable questions about Oaxaca. (AP photo from Jornada)


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