Saturday, November 11, 2006

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There's a dust-up between Spanish news agecy EFE and U.S. Spanish-language Televison network, Telemundo over who is responsible for leaving the microphones on ... and recording... and broadcasting Vincente Fox being, well... honest. The story is here, on Terra. Youtube took down the clip, for legal reasons, and I can't find another one anywhere. Fox's presidency ends Decebmer first. EFE was asking him "Hey, Vincente, now that you've been President of Mexico, what do you plan to do (besides try and save your reputation as everything seems to be falling apart around you... the questionable election of your successor, the situation in Oaxaca, in Tabasco, the never resolved issues in Chiapas, etc. etc. etc.). Said el Prsidente:

"Ya hoy hablo libre, ya digo cualquier tontería, ya no importa: ya total, yo ya me voy" I'm can say whatever I want now, and I can say any stupid thing I feel like. Who cares.... it's over and I'm outta here!


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