Saturday, November 18, 2006

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Mariachis of the world unite! (Oaxaca)

From today's Mexico City Herald:

OAXACA CITY - The Oaxaca People´s Assembly (APPO) on Friday outlined a change in strategy as a first step to transform themselves into a formal political force.

The idea is to reduce tensions and to focus their energies on positive propaganda, the APPO leadership told reporters.

The plan is still taking shape, so APPO members would only speak off-the-record, preferring to wait until the strategy is approved.

Among the measures the APPO is considering is the abandonment of the Benito Juárez Autonomous University and the removal of barricades near the campus. They may also try to "kill the enemy with kindness."

This would entail offering cleansing rituals to the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) troops stationed in the Historic Center of Oaxaca City, preparing food for them and even serenading them with mariachis.

APPO members guarding the university campus and operating the radio station may also be withdrawn and all future marches and demonstrations would be organized so as not to disturb non-participants.

Students manning the so- called "Soriana" barricade near the university are expected to dismantle the barrier by Tuesday.

The youth stationed at these barricades are already being organized into groups whose efforts will be focused on giving attention to street kids and youngsters living on the margins of society.

The APPO leaders also expressed hope that they can begin talks with the transition team of President-elect Felipe Calderón as early as next week.


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