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Ulises Ruiz... in the total spin zone

You can tell a politician is lying when his lips move... but Ulises Ruiz Ortiz isn't even slick with his lies. I thought it was just Republican congress-varmits who were clueless when they were caught. (My translation, from a 4 November Proceso article, "Responde Ulises Ruiz: No pediré licencia ni renunciaré, reitera" by Rosalía Vergara, José Gil Olmos and Pedro Matías. Photo of Ruiz, courtesy Proceso)
Oaxaca, Oax., November 3 (APRO). - Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (PRI) questioned the the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) ruling that his response to a Congressional vote that he should leave office was inadmissible on constitutional grounds. "They did not enter the bottom of the subject", he said, reiterating that "I am not going to request license (permission to retire); I am not going to resign; I have a commitment to the people of Oaxaca". Earlier today, around the seven in the morning, a paramilitary group, presumably composed of ministerial police, used AK-47 and M1s to fire on the antennas of Radio Univeridad, in an attempt to knock the station off the air. The station has been broadcasting information that the Governor's forces claim “spread the activities” of the social-political protest movement. Also today, municipal authorities in Sierra Juarez sent a letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, asking the Commissioner to intervene with President Vincente Fox, and urge him to “take necessary measures to restore respect for human rights, and to withdraw the Army and Federal Police (PFP) from Oaxaca, and to require the resignation of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, since his stay in office damages the rule of law. In further news today, COCEI (the Isthmus [of Tehuanatepec] Workers, Farmers and Students Coalition) announced they will be expanding actions on Sunday, to include blocking highways connecting Oaxaca with Chiapas and Veracruz, as well as roads leading into the State Capital. The blockades, according to the COCEI leader Roberto Rosas Lopez, will continue until Ulises Ruiz Ortiz resigns as Governor. The ex-rector of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, Alava Martinez, was quoted as saying that the teachers' strikes and popular uprising have shown that there is a crisis of legitimacy in the teachers' organization in particular, and throughout the state in general. He added that he was dishearted by the “dirty game played by special interests” and that PRI and PAN leaders are using the conflict as an excuse to “punish” Oaxaca for the state's votes against the two parties in the 2 July national elections. This evening, the governor was forced to meet with the national media, who earlier had complained about the discrimination shown by the State authorities in granting access to foreign press representatives. After clarifying that he was not the one making the decision to send in the Federal Preventative Police (PFP, for their initials in Spanish), Ruiz went on to say that the conflict in the streets had been reduced to a single avenue. He said that he did not consider the failure to clear the Cinco Señores barricade a failure, since there were other access routes to the city that were opened. The Governor added that the talks sponsored by the Interior Ministry were advancing towards a solution to the crisis. Ruiz claimed that the majority of people backed his government, with only a few leftists and members of the APPO holding out. Ruiz emphasized that he is not "governing with the PFP", and said he continues to make work-related tours throughout the Capital, though he avoids conflicted areas, claiming that his presence would be a pretext for “provocative acts”. At his time he said his expects the capital to return to normalicy shortly, and that once normality returns, the PFP can be withdrawn. However, he did admit that the Federal Prosecutor's office, and the local Federal District Attorney has issued 52 arrest warrants that still have to be served by the Federal Police. The Governor insists that those responsible for the conflict are not from Oaxaca, but "that there are outside agitators, Panchos Villas [presumably meaning members of the leftist Pancho Villa Revolutionary Front], Atencos [the ejito and municipio libre in the State of Mexico, that has been in conflict with both the State and Federal government over proposals to sitiuate a new Mexico City airport on ejito land] and some foreigners. Those who are in charge of the investigations will realize that there is evidence of outside involvement.” Finally, the Governor claimed that investigations of the conflict will not lead to an “adjustment of accounts” because “we are already creating a new relationship with the people, who have respect for the transparency of our budgetary and operational activities.”
And today's response from the citizens, courtesy of Reuters...


Anonymous nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

damn...what happened to the comments?

anyway i was gonna say that if he really cared about the city, as he pretends, he would step down. if stepping down means that this violence calms and life can become peaceful for so many more people; if stepping down means people stop getting killed, then it no longer matters if he stole the vote or is innocent, or if the Mex gobierno has the "right" or not to ask him to leave. clearly, leaving would be good for many people. thus, the choice is clear.

and his insistence on staying betrays his true nature and ruins his case.

11/05/2006 08:57:00 PM  

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