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Worrisome news from Oaxaca... not from an anarchist

A crazy on the "Thorn Tree Mexico Message Board" always claims I'm an anarchist. Moi? He claimed this guy was too, so I figured he must have something worth saying. The Rev. George Salzmann, OSFS (the "Salesians -- a rather conservative teaching order founded to counter the heresies of the French Revolution) is a Catholic chaplain at Harvard, and emeritus professor of Physics at U. of Mass, Boston. He wrote a quick article for the Canadian anti-globalization and alternative media site, Global Reseach. Father Salzmann apologized for not footnoting as carefully as he normally does in academic articles, wanting to get the material out as soon as poossible. Revving up the dirty war in Oaxaca
Under PFP ‘protection’, and with PFP participation, the combined level of the dirty war by the Oaxaca PRI contingent of Ulises Ruiz and the PFP mushroomed — so intolerably in fact that the church offered asylum to members of the popular movement because of the threats and the jump in the numbers of dead, arrested, and disappeared. Unfortunately (and predictably), it's not ‘just’ the state agents and allied paramilitaries who are doing the really dirty work. There are people who were snatched by the PFP who haven’t even been identified, some of them seized at the most active large conflict area — the university campus,[3] where the radio station is located — on helicopters and not accounted for (according to some of the material I've read).[4] Most assuredly the PFP, or at least some of its ‘special forces’, is itself a terrorist organization. I’m certain the so-called ‘counter terrorism’ operations discussed in the Narco News article by Diego Enrique Osorno [5] are being actively implemented by both Ulises Ruíz’s state and paramilitary agents, and by the highly-trained hit teams of the PFP, the latter undoubtedly led by officers trained at the School of the Americas. Terrorism against popular social movements is serious business for repressive governments, whether in Central America, Mexico, Iraq, Palestine, Colombia, or wherever.


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